The One & Only Uncle Waldo's

Unfortunately, the legendary Uncle Waldo's does not exist anymore, but when it did, it did FANTASTICALLY, and it was located at 53 Main Street in Geneseo, NY., eight inches off the ground and smoldering.

But I can tell you this, it has never, ever, ever gone away.

I attended the State University at Geneseo from 1979-1982, and those four years were arguably the most epic period in Geneseo history.  Drinking age was 18, MTV was ONE, the Second British Invasion consumed us, we were on the cusp of the PC revolution, and establishments like The One & Only Uncle Waldo's, The Inn Between, Gentleman Jim's, The Idle Hour, Kelly's Saloon, Club 41, The Rathskellar, The Statesman, Fat Auggies, The Vital Spot, and almost every dormitory suite provided eclectic environments in which we had one fuck of a good time with some remarkable and memorable human beings. Shout out to the fabulous Aunt Cookies.

I literally "grew up" in the Nassau dorm, rooming with my best friend, I became close with many, many special people, including some Waldo's lore.  Much like Elvis, they went by only one name; Murphy, Hale, Mr. Jones, Bilbo, Mona, Kimmy, Pospiech, Drugs, and of course the late, great Mighty Quinn, RIP.  I miss every single one of you, as well as all my other Geneseo friends that were kind enough to share a few wonderful years of your life with me.

Side Note: A huge thank you to Mr. Jobs for delaying the iPhone for a couple of decades.

I'll not waste your time describing the Waldo's experience, for it embraced everyone in a different way.

Regrettably, but what was likely a fortuitous absence, I missed the closing of Waldo's in the mid-80's and since then have always wanted to make sure that The Walrus was never forgotten. 

There is a terrific Facebook page (Uncle Waldo's of SUNY Geneseo) in tribute to UW's and the text and photographic contributions are goddamn fantastic, thank you Greg Fox. 

So mainly what I've tried to put forth is my small way of maybe reminding you of those special Waldo's memories, the nights, the laughter, the music, the people. 

Thank you Geneseo, thank you Uncle Waldo's, and thank you to all that that made my time at Geneseo some of the best and most memorable years of my life.

Thank God I survived.


(Shout out to Bill Still who created that extraordinary original Uncle Waldo's sign!  Stay tuned for some other fun stuff once in a while too!)